Our Day Workshop Experts

Professionals in the wedding industry share some tips and tricks to help you along the journey of planning your special day!


- Don’t give moms jobs. Let them be present on your wedding day.

- Make sure your vendors all have the same timeline.

- Double and triple check hair appointment times. Don’t miss your portrait windows.

-  Let someone else handle all the details the day of your wedding so you can truly enjoy your special day.

-  Remember what this day is all about - the two of you becoming one in heart and soul.

-  There are many, many ways to create unity within a family, many of which do not include a candle.

-  According to a survey published in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples with premarital education reported higher levels of marital satisfaction and experienced a 30 percent decline in the likelihood of divorce over five years. Seek someone trained in order to obtain premarital counseling.

-  A strong marriage provides sanctuary not only for the couple but also for family, children and friends.
-  We go in for annual physicals to keep our bodies healthy.  If we want our marriages to stay healthy, we need to take care of them too.  Consider an annual wellness check with a trained professional.

-  Take your marriage seriously, and protect it as you would a child.  Nurture it and feed it, and it will grow strong and happy.

-  Check with your Minister before printing your programs for the order of the ceremony.

- It’s all about the music. In addition to your music choices, if you allow your guests to choose their own music and have it played during your dance, things will heat up quickly on the dance floor. I always encourage guests to fill out request forms and submit them to me for playback. Not only does this make my job easier, it lets me know exactly what your guests want to hear, guaranteeing that they will for sure be cutting a rug on the dance floor.

- Allow fun activities during your dance. Sure, the “Chicken Dance” sounds hokey and the “Hokey Pokey” sounds ridiculous, but you may want to think twice before you dismiss these traditional types of
dances. They’re great for breaking the ice and getting people on the dance floor who may not dance otherwise. Because they’re group dances, people may feel more comfortable on the dance floor…plus,
they’re super fun!

- Get on the dance floor. Your wedding day will be a very busy day. You’ll be pulled in every direction with friends and family wanting to congratulate you and talk to you. That’s to be expected, but the
more time that you can spend on the dance floor, the more your guests will be out there with you. Why not do both…talk and dance and have some fun at the same time!

- Slow dance. I always mix in some slow dance sets. Not only is this a great way to enhance your wedding day romance, slow dances will also bring out the love birds in your crowd. Who wouldn’t want
to share a slow, romantic dance with their partner?

- Let there be light….and effects! Personally, I feel that music is only half of the show. If you add special effect lighting, fog, haze, bubbles, lasers, blacklights, strobes and confetti you’ll definitely create
the ultimate dance floor atmosphere. If your venue allows these things, I always try to set up as many as I am able! I’m all about the show and it shows!

- To Dollar Dance or not to Dollar Dance…that is the question. The dollar dance is another one of those traditional dances that most people may expect to see at a wedding. Sure, it seems like you may
be pandering for cash, but I always tell couples that it’s really more about giving your guests the chance to come up to you to have a brief conversation. Remember, you’ll be very busy talking and hopefully dancing all night. Why not offer your guests a definite “in” and allow them to share a moment with you…and make a few bucks on the side?

- Bring Your Budget!  Know you budget and do not be afraid of communicating that with your caterer! Generically, understand the dollars / guest that you have allotted for feeding your Friends & Family and work with your caterer to make a menu suitable for your big day.

- Collect Data!  Do research into what you will need to service your event. Examples: Know if your venue offers Tables, Chairs, Linens & Servicewares, Understand your guests Eating Habits & Dietary Restrictions; It's no problem to offer a Vegetarian option so long it is planned for and not something that comes up the day of the wedding. Have a solid Guest Count, this will get you a better quote when looking for pricing.

- Don't Be Shy! This is your wedding! If there is something you absolutely must have; communicate your wants with your caterer and typically a company is happy to oblige! Don't be afraid of asking for a specific Family Recipe to be recreated!

- Eat Locally! Not only is it the most sustainable way to eat; but cooking in the season with what is readily available is often the best way to work within a budget without loosing quality!

- Marry your Significant Other... Not your Ideas. While this is your special day; be flexible if you cannot get the exact dish that you ate when you first met in Florence while you were studying abroad in college. Not saying it can't happen; but please take this opportunity to revert to revert to the next tip........

- It adds up when you start sourcing Truffles from Italy...



-  When picking out your flowers for your wedding, choosing flowers that are in season will get you the best quality and price tag.
-  Flowers are in all the photos so you want to make sure you like them and have a professional do them.
-  The average spent on wedding flowers and decor is $2,500.
-  When looking at flowers online keep in mind that the colors may be doctored up a bit in those photos.

-   Coffee always goes with dessert!

-   Decide if you want to hire a barista or have a self-serve coffee bar.  Hiring a barista allows guests to order specialty drinks without the hassle of making it themselves. The barista will also take care of any additional needs during the reception. A self serve coffee bar does save you money and guests can serve themselves anytime.

-   Create a special display that coordinates with your wedding theme. Pinterest has many ideas for beautiful coffee bar displays. Check out local rental facilities in order to save money in investing in the decor.

-   Include other beverages like tea and hot cocoa. Not everyone likes coffee and the younger guests may prefer a sweet treat without the caffeine.

-   Customize coffee sleeves for the cups. This is easy to do, adds that personal touch, and can be done at a reasonable price. Either have a company print your message on the sleeves, or add a stamp or a sticker.

-   Create a signature coffee beverage or mocktail. Creating a signature coffee drink at your wedding is another way to add a bit of your personality to your special day. Many coffee bars are willing to experiment with syrups and flavors unique to you!

-   Consider electrical requirements and facility requirements. Some venues may not allow you to bring in outside vendors. If they do, the coffee bar needs to have the right electrical outlets to power their equipment.

-   Think about providing a special coffee drink for those in your wedding.  Many people have supported you in your planning to create your perfect wedding day. Treat them to some special coffee drinks during the day when getting ready!

-   Your first dance should be a reflection of you both as a couple.  It can be fast or slow, traditional or far from traditional! The most important thing is that it means something to YOU.  Think about what genre(s) of music you and your partner enjoy. Think about how you want to look. Think about what sentiment you want reflected during that moment of your special day.  Then, you should both sit down and discuss with each other. Play each other songs and narrow down your options. When you both agree on a song, that’s a great time to start dance lessons!

-   We typically recommend starting dance lessons six months out from the wedding.  That depends on a few factors, so here are some things to think about:
                Do either of you have dance experience? Do you want a fully choreographed, show-stopping number? How do you want to feel during your first dance? Are you interested in any other dances besides your first dance (father/daughter, mother/son, bridal party, etc)?
The first dance is the first dance of a lifetime of dances together-- the more you learn, the more fun you’ll have at all your future events as Mr. and Mrs.!

-   The two other big wedding requests are for mother/son and father/daughter dances.  We also get requests for bridal party, groomsmen, or full wedding party dances. Some couples decide to learn multiple styles so they can dance throughout the evening.  Popular choices are Hustle, Swing, Country 2 Step, Rumba, and (because we live in Wisconsin) everyone should know how to do the Polka. We have helped choreograph line dances and flash mobs.  There’s no limit if you give yourself the time to learn!

g606sc5k (2).jpg

-   Some religious institutions may have policies or restrictions regarding your musical selections.  Check ahead of time before speaking with your musicians.

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-   Give yourself grace - you will be nervous and things will go wrong.

-   Have a date night at least once a week and do NOT talk about wedding stuff. It's important to not lose touch.

-   Keep accountable with our budget....it's easy to go over!

-   Beware of Pinterest weddings! I love Pinterest more then most but things you see on there can end up costing way over your budget.

-   Talk together as a couple to figure out what your budget is and what you are willing and able to spend. 

-   You can't please everyone. It's your day so make sure you please you and your fiance.

-   Be in the moment through out the day! It goes so fast.